Planning your Trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Many birders in the mid-Atlantic region make pilgrimages to the Eastern Shore of Virginia on a regular basis, but most come in the autumn period when avian diversity is highest. Some birders chose to spend a weekend or a week, waiting for optimal weather for a “flight” of warblers, raptors, waterbirds or all of the above. On slower days for migratory movements, birders check wetlands and woodlands for resident and migrant species and often socialize on the hawk watching platform at Kiptopeke State Park, the only site dedicated to the monitoring of raptors in Virginia, with continual data back to 1977. 

We hope the resources here will help you plan your travel and stay on the Eastern Shore.

Short-billed Dowitchers

Short-billed Dowitchers


From the North, after crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge on I-295, continue on to I-95 (Delaware Turnpike) to exit 4A for Route 1 South (this is much better than taking US 13 direct from I-295). Route 1 is expressway most of the way. Continue to exit 97 which is an expressway connection to Route 13 - turn south. Continue on US 13 to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

From the South, take Route 13 North and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel from the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel connects Route 13 in Virginia Beach to Route 13 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Northampton & Accomack Counties